Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Up next... BD screencaps from The Dark Knight

Before I post all the caps, I wanted to quickly show the difference between DVD and Blu-ray screencaps.

I own The Dark Knight on DVD, as I did not own a Blu-ray player when the movie came out. So I of course grabbed some images from my DVD with my PowerDVD software. Then I was given a Blu-ray Rom as a gift, what a great gift, my first Blu-ray player! Anyways... I borrowed a friends Blu-ray copy and I quickly discovered there is no easy way to capture frames from a Blu-ray movie. After a lot of trial and error and nearly pulling every hair out my head, I ended up finding two ways to get images from a Blu-ray disc. Below I will show a very similar frame in the movie in DVD form and Blu-ray (using MPlayer to get the actual frame of the movie.)

First we have DVD, I used PowerDVD to take the screenshot (click for full size):


Now we have the gloriousness of the Blu-ray frame (click for full size):


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